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[edit] Proposed Canon

A Crit, or critical hit is a part of combat when one unit hits another in a way that causes them to croak in a single blow.

[edit] Speculation

A Luckamancer may be able to give better or worse odds in determining a crit for single and multiple levels. This is alluded to by Clay Dice but not fully confirmed or explained.

[edit] Experience needed

A crit increases in difficulty depending on a units level. A very low level unit would find it impossible to get a crit on a very high level unit, but a high level would find a crit on a low level unit easy.LIAB Text 51

[edit] Other effects

Once a unit has been croaked by a crit it also seems to affect the method a Croakamancer has to use to produce the desire effect when focusing on producing a longer lasting uncroaked unit.IPTSF Text 18

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